Location Guide (South Lombok)

As a tourism destination Lombok is still seen as a side trip to a Bali holiday, not the main destination. Its also a fragmented with 4 very distinct areas(Gilis, Sengigi, Sekotong and Kuta) located 1 hour apart.

South Lombok is relatively new on the tourism map. People have known about it for years, but apart from a few hardcore surfers, very few have visited and there's been very little tourism facilities. Until recently that is. 

Kuta is the focus for the south however there are dozens of other beaches to choose from that are also gaining attention. These south facing surf beaches, offer beautiful blue water and superb white sands that you just don't get in Bali. Each beach is separated by towering headlands on either end and enclosed with rolling hills. 

Its an agricultural landscape comprised of tobacco fields and small quaint local villages. There are no large towns, with the exception of Kuta Lombok, and very little traffic. Wayward buffalos, goats and chickens are everywhere and the local people are mostly Islamic farmers tending to their fields or fishing.

It comes as no surprise then, the atmosphere in South Lombok is slow and laid back. Visitors come to slow down, switch off and enjoy the natural beauty / serenity or outdoor activities on offer. From surfing and fishing to horse-riding and beach-combing it offers a very different experience from mainstream destinations such as Bali or even the Gilis Islands. Somewhere more genuine and authentic, off the beaten path.


This local fishing village and bay is located 10km east of Kuta Lombok, directly adjacent to the government’s Madalika Resort project. While the Mandalika is slated for 5 star hotels and golf courses  (a lot of earthworks already underway) Gerupuk remains a small local fishing village.

It’s the bay, not the fishing village, which is the main attraction with its user friendly surf breaks and safe boat anchorage. For several years it has been the #1 place to learn to surf when visiting South Lombok and that is not likely to change anytime soon. Outside of surfing, there are a few locals running basic fishing operations but thats about it. 

Given it’s the closest boat anchorage to Kuta and the Mandalika, it has potential to become a boating hub in the future. At some point we're expecting the roads to be sealed and streets lit, transforming it from the dirty local fishing village it is today into something a cute seasdie village. For now its still the same old sleepy fishing village its always been.

Outside of the village on opposite ends of the bay, there's a few large commercial developments in varying stages of construction - Lobster Bay, Ebuak Bay, Kirar Hotel, Bumbang Ku Hotel and Inlight Hotel. These will provide high end accommodation and dining options which is sorely lacking. All with stunning ocean views and direct beach access.

Selong Belanak

This stunning white sand beach is located 20km west of Kuta and has the only other direct access road to the airport 25mins drive only. Widely regarded as the prettiest beach in all of Lombok and one of the only family friendly swimming beaches it's has quickly gained attention amongst visiting tourists over the past few years.

Selong Belanak’s unique natural beauty is derived from the fact this part of the coastline bends westward and is protected out of SE trade winds / SW swells. The waves are small and gentle. This also means views are unique looking down the coast, not straight out to sea, which translates to spectacular sunsets with pounding surf in the distant background.

Its main attraction however is simply the beach. Gentle sloping with clean clear water and small soft waves means its safe to swim and perfect for learning to surf. Most visitors to South Lombok do so because of the beach and Selong Belanak beach, along with Mawun and Tanjung Ann, is arguably the best.

In terms of tourism facilities Selong Belanak also has Lombok's only true beach club (Laut Biru @ Sempiak Villas) and South Lombok first luxury hillside clubhouse (Aura @ Selong Selo). With more high end developments underway in Selong Belanak and neighboring Serangan this trend is set to continue and draw more tourists in. 


Located directly across the bay in plain sight of Selong Belanak, lies this beautiful undeveloped white sand beach.

Long known amongst surfers for the superb right-hand point break in front, its difficulty of access and lack of tourist facilities has kept it off the main tourist trail up until now. That changed last year with completion of the access road linking Selong Belanak and some commercial developments have started construction such as Serangan Indah by Selong Selo and Jogo Hills and Jogo Beach by the Jogo Group

For now, its still the sleepy salty Serangan its always been. It doesn’t get anymore stereo-typically Lombok than this with an empty beach, dramatic coastline, SE trade winds, buffalo roaming the streets and the cries of chickens interspersed with calls to prayer. The beach itself is very different to Selong, with coarse soft sand and a steep profile with a shallow lagoon. The views are across the bay to the famous surfing surfing spot of Mawi and left to Selong Belanak.

With many of Lombok ‘s beaches already being developed this is one of the last beaches close to the airport, that is completely undeveloped and retains its original rustic charm. The main attraction for Serangan is still the surf and for the more intrepid travelers simply getting away.