Mandalika ready to welcome tourists in 2018 (3 April, 2017)

The Mandalika tourist area on Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, will be ready for operation by the end of 2018, the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) said Thursday.  

The development of the 1,200-hectare integrated resort complex started earlier this year with the construction of infrastructure and the breaking of ground for the first hotel.  See more

Another four-star hotel coming soon in Mandalika (31 Mar, 2017)


The Mandalika special economic zone (KEK) in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), is set to host a four-star hotel in the next two years.

Initiated by PT Elmar Mitra Perkasa, the 200-room and 10-villa property named X2 Mandalika Hotel will be built on a 3.2-hectare plot of land.

"The prospect of this project is very promising, thus we are very interested and serious in our investment of Rp 150 billion [US$11.19 million]," said the company's director Teddy Yusaldi during a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony with the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in Central Lombok, NTB, on Friday.  More info here

Lombok to launch maiden jazz festival in August to attract tourists (24 Mar, 2017)

The first ever International Lombok Jazz Festival will kick off at Sinkareang Park in West Nusa Tenggara’s capital city of Mataram on Aug. 18… the three-day event would present dozens of national and international jazz musicians. See more

Gov’t Focus on Developing Connectivity Infrastructure in Lombok (20 Mar, 2017)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – The government affirms that it will develop and improve regional infrastructure to support the development of Mandalika special economic zone (SEZ) in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The government will focus on infrastructure developments related to connectivity….Connectivity infrastructure development is expected to boost the rapid growth of tourism sector. “Improvements on connectivity infrastructure will certainly provide the opportunity for various industrial, commerce, and investment opportunities for the public,” ….one of the benefits of investing in the 1,034-hectare special economic zone in Mandalika is that the area implements green infrastructure practices.  Clean water and drinking water will be supplied to resorts in Mandalika from seawater desalination plants. Electricity will also be supplied from solar power plants. See more

Government allocates 20B USD budget to build new tourism destinations (12 Mar, 2017)

The Investment Co-ordinating Board (BKPM) aims to receive 18T IDR (1.3B USD) of investment capital in 2017, marking +20% increase YoY. Last year 80% of capital came from foreigners and as the government opens public infrastructure to private foreign investment this is likely to quickly grow. There are 10 focus areas for tourism development outside of Bali with the Mandalika in the mix. Companies from Singapore, UK, Korea and Netherlands specialized in energy, water and waste management are all busily preparing tenders for various projects with no specific details given. Furthering this the BKPM declared tourism a priority investment target this year, so watch this space as it unfolds on the ground in Lombok. More info here

Government seeking Australian airport manager (11 Mar, 2017)


In an attempt to improve operations and profitability, the Transportation Ministry confirmed it is courting an Australian firm to co-manage Lombok's international airport.  This comes less than 1 month after an announcement to expand the runway for wider bodied / long haul aircraft and Garuda's direct flight from mainland China.

The airport has been poorly run since the start, plagued with construction and service problems. This move is yet another step in the right direction toward securing more international flights. Combined with the increased Mandalika Resort activity, this is starting to paint a very positive picture for the local property market. More info here


International School paves the way for expats wanting to move to South Lombok (09 Mar, 2017)

Plans are underway to open an international school in Kuta Lombok in Sep 2017, targeted at expats moving here. With an influx of foreigners expected to move to South Lombok over the next 5 years this is one less hurdle to overcome.

Hospitals are schools are two pre-requisites to grow a permanent foreign resident community similar to Sengigi or Bali. With the recent improvements to government regulations including the setup of foreign investment companies (PT PMA) and work VISAs (Kitas) we expect this new school announcement to add a new demographic of buyer and developer to the property market. More info here

Saudi Government eying Mandalika Infrastructure Investment (05 Mar, 2017)

On the recent trip from the King, the Saudi government announced it's eying up an infrastructure investment within the Mandlika. The ITDC has sought predominantly Islamic for the past several years and worked Islamic tourism into the master plan. If the Saudi's invest, it only adds to the recent momentum behind the project which is finally getting started. More info here.

Tourism article, (01 Mar, 2017)

Sooner or later, its got to happen. Just book a trip to Bali and 10mins from the airport it'll become painfully obvious. Bali is Bali and there's a certain magic that will never die. But the over-development has reached critical levels and the coastline has been absolutely hammered. Its inevitable tourists will look elsewhere in Indonesia and developers will over-flow to Lombok.

It's not just land-banking anymore. The first wave of development is hitting South Lombok's shores now, which makes it a great time to buy and awesome time to visit if empty beaches and beautiful tropical coastlines are your thing. Check out the latest write up in

What you need to know about subdivisions (21 Feb, 2017)

As a lot of subdivision projects come to market in South Lombok its hard to know what to look for in deciding the right place to buy and build. Here’s a few brief things to look out for.




Work Schedules – the developer should list out the works to be done and the timeframe to do them by. Having it broken down like this, means its very easy to see when a project is starting to run into trouble.



Payment Schedules – if you’re buying a plot with access, electricity and water you should only pay in full once those extras are provided and not before. Hence payments should be staged over time inline with the work schedule with clear delay and default clauses worked in to protect you.



Access Roads – roads in hills are difficult and costly due to high cost of excavation, retaining and draining in addition to the road itself. As a result a lot of subdivision developers under-estimate the cost and produce substandard roads that don’t match the sales brochure. Always insist civil engineering firms do the design and project manage the works, whilst a separate independent contractor does the work.



Proof of funding – a lot of subdivision developments depend on off plan sales to help finance the construction and estate setup. Its crucial to know what the break even is for a developer to complete the prescribed works and your monies need to be escrowed until that minimum requirement is reached.


Sunset Clauses – all projects incur delays but when there needs to be a cut off point when the delays are unacceptable and you are compensated in some way or escrowed monies are returned in full.



Building Covenants – to ensure a harmonious estate there should always be some kind of building guidelines and restrictions provided by the developer. This will ensure continuity and avoid issues pertaining to views being blocked or buildings encroaching on neighbors.



Estate Management – its important to realize what you’re signing up for at time of purchase to avoid being stung with exorbitant annual fees or levied with special one off fees for damages made through unauthorized use of estate access and infrastructure.



Subdivisions are a great way for retail investors to buy lifestyle blocks in premium locations they otherwise could not afford. However, you are buying much more than just a block of land and need to vet the development just like you would a villa project. For more info on the NOOKI subdivision at Serangan contact our team.


Lombok airport expansion plans (19 Feb, 2017)


The central government confirms plans to expand the airport runway and facilities to accommodate wide bodied long haul aircraft. The announcement comes within 1 week of Garuda's direct China flight plans. More info here.

Direct flights from China(16 Feb, 2017)


Garuda last week announced direct flights from mainland China to Lombok. Not surprisingly this follows after the recent activity at the Mandalika and we expect more airline announcements to follow as the project continues to gather steam. More Info here

Mandalika Update (July, 2016)


Despite a constantly evolving Master-Plan, the Mandalika Resort project continues to gather momentum. As the first of the hotels break ground and start construction, we expect the news-flow to increase and a series of airline announcements to follow.