About Milu Property

Elite Havens Lombok closed in 2016 and we setup Milu Property as the sales arm for our in-house development projects in 2017. Its not a fully fledged property agency and we only have a few properties left for sale heading into 2018. 

With South Lombok shifting from the early cycle / speculative land-banking phase into the first phase of proper tourism development, the property market is undergoing major transformations. The title risk and liquidity risk is greatly reduced, whereas the sizes and prices per m2 are steadily increasing. The nature of our clients has changed to those that want to build, versus land-bank, and with that comes a different set of requirements from us as a broker. 

There has also been marked changes in the macro-environment with Indonesia embarking on a series of government regulations from tax to ownership to immigration, aimed at tidying up the market. We've had to change the investment advise for our clients, so they're compliant with the new laws and their investments are 100% safe. 

We run a small team with limited resources and a limited selection of properties. Hence we don't cater to everyone. On occasion we work as a buyers agent, on a retainer, for select clients, but only if its a mandate we think we can fill. So if you have a clear idea of what you want to buy but cant find it here or anywhere else, give us a call and we may still be able to help.